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Programs & Pricing

Ecosystem restoration is a complex process that requires a detailed survey of the site, careful planning and methodical execution.

Each site is different and presents varied challenges. While the planting of trees itself is a straightforward task, ensuring that the trees survive and thrive needs at least a 3 year engagement that requires maintenance and monitoring.

Ecosystem restoration of degraded lands

We are currently working with various government, public and private bodies, rejuvenating barren lands into lush, green forests. Whether you want to plant 700 trees or 7 million, we have the project for you.

Pricing varies, depending on size of the project and extent of degradation.  Per tree cost (inclusive of maintenance and reporting for 3 years) can be anywhere between Rs. 500 to Rs. 750.


Raising 'green warriors'

Combining environmental education and action together, this program provides kits to school children who germinate 7 saplings and care for them for 6 months. These saplings are then planted in degraded lands and cared for 3 years, till they become strong enough to survive on their own.

Each school child can be sponsored at the cost of Rs. 999, which includes introductory workshops for school children, one 'Green Warriors' kit that includes:

  • 7 pots

  • 7 seed-balls of indigenous trees

  • A bag of compost

  • A multilingual, pictorial instruction booklet that explains each aspect of growing trees from seeds.

6 month old saplings are collected back from schools, grown by children, and are planted in new forests. Each 7 trees grown by each child are geo-tagged to that child, so he or she knows where her trees are. This connection with trees they grew from seed will give them a lifelong passion for the environment, truly becoming 'Green Warriors.'

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